How To Manage A Successful Online Reputation Management Campaign

If you are convinced the online reputation of your business stops at review sites like Google Business, then you need to rethink your plan because there is more to online marketing that relying on one source. Many sites offer information about businesses and the information posted either reflects success or some problems that many customers would want to keep away from.

If your business is associated with any scandals, you are for sure going to lose customers and the products you offer will lose sales with time if the problem will not be resolved. This is the reason you need to engage online reputation management and while at it do the right things.

Find mentions through monitoring tools

Getting to know how many people are talking about your business online manually is not easy and could take many days before you get a tiny bit of information. To make the process easy, there are search tools that alert you whenever mentions about your business are made online. You can specify the keywords you want to be used while searching for the mentions. Some of the tools you can use to track mentions include, Reputology, Brand Yourself and Trackur.

Avoid arguments online

The global hot-button issues make it easy for one to view something that does not match with their views and values. How you respond to issues determines the way customers will view your business and generally it is this feedback that the next customer will use to decide whether to buy or not. Always keep your conversations neutral and measured to avoid offending people or entering into issues that may water down the reputation of your brand.

Take your time; don’t rush

While the temptation to do things quickly so you can reap benefits could mount to a huge problem, it is advisable to take measured steps so you can understand the online market well before investing more time and money into marketing. Get the facts about the areas you need to work on to keep your brand on track and capitalize on the ideas that seem to work to build your business into a successful and competitive venture.


Cotemar And The Silent Oil Revolution Of Mexico

For many years in Mexico, after the country had nationalized all oil assets, government-owned Pemex has been the main oil producing company. This has recently been changing as the Mexican government has started to allow private companies to explore for and extract oil. One of these company is the Cotemar, which is based in Ciudad Del Carmen Campeche. If Cotemar and the other private companies are able to step up it will provide a large boost to Mexico’s oil production. There are a number of challenges facing these private companies. Among them is that there are conflicting land permits that need to be resolved, as well as infrastructure problems and regulatory issues that still need to be sorted out.

Cotemar appears to be ready to succeed at the task ahead. The company, founded in 1979, has been a long-term player in Mexico’s oil and gas field. The company operates a large fleet of specialized vessels and has to date had three main focuses; providing food, lodging, and services to the crew of offshore oil rigs and processing facilities, the transporting of materials, and the construction, modernization, and maintenance of oil rigs. With the new contracts in hand with the Mexican government, they will be adding oil exploration and extraction to their business activities.

At Cotemar they hold to four integral values in everything they do. The first value is integrity; the company operates in an honest, ethical, and consistent fashion towards their employees, suppliers, clients, and broader society. They are also reliable and hold themselves accountable to satisfy the needs of their customers and people while achieving the targetted business results. The company’s third value is humility where they acknowledge that there is always a need for improvement and doing it with a positive attitude. Their fourth value is innovation where they constantly strive to bring greater value to their customers through technological improvements and new ways of thinking.

In addition to a commitment to always comply with regulations involving safety and health the company is also committed to environmental protection and actively seeks to reduce the harm caused by their business activities. Cotemar also encourages its employees to be actively involved in environmental protection as well as helping social causes in their communities.

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