Sam Boraie’s Role in Charity and Real Estate Development

Sam Boraie is a real estate developer and philanthropist and who handles several projects in New Jersey, New Brunswick, Atlantic City, and other regions in the United States. As the director of Boraie Development LLC, he focuses on initiating new real estate development projects. While this company was founded by Omar, his father, Boraie has taken it to new heights. Having come to the United States as a student, Sam has found his niche in real estate by having the audacity of going where others would normally hesitate. When New Brunswick was in a state of degeneration and disrepair, other developers moved elsewhere. The lack of construction and development exacerbated the problem since the vacant lots turned into dungeons and breeding areas for drugs and crime.

The Aspire in New Brunswick

The Aspire is a 238-unit condominium near the New Brunswick train station. In a report by PR News, Boraie Development LLC also completed the One Spring Street projects include The Aspire, a 238-unit high-rise near the New Brunswick Train Station and One Spring Street, a 25-story mixed-use apartment that has over 400,000 square feet. One Spring Street has several roof decks, a health club, and a couple of housing units for sale. Boraie Development LLC prefers building the mixed-use apartments for the following reasons:

  • Spurring growth and development
  • Revitalizing the derelict parts of the city
  • Preventing urban degeneration and sprawl
  • Increasing the revenue
  • Opening up the new suburbs
  • Improving the infrastructure and creation of pedestrian-friendly walkways
  • Improving the security by opening up the vacated lots
  • Providing a couple of affordable housing options
  • Providing investment opportunities
  • Providing recreational facilities for the community
  • Creating a sense of place and giving the city an identity

Boraie Development LLC projects

In the quest to revitalize various cities that are facing the threat of sprawl and degeneration, Boraie Development LLC is carrying out the following projects:

  • The South Beach in Atlantic City has 250 units that offer plenty of space and diversity to suit the various needs of different homeowners.
  • The Albany plaza at Newark, a prime project juxtaposed in the downtown area where it offers over 250,000 square feet of office and retail space.
  • Boraie Development LLC has also begun the construction of The Rector, a 26-story residential block in Newark.
  • The Estates project at Waverly Place is underway in Montgomery, New Jersey. This residential condominium is about a 30-minute drive from downtown New Brunswick, This high-end residential project will result in seven luxury homes.

 Philanthropic activities

Boraie is also involved in a couple of charitable activities with Elijah’s Promise. This New Brunswick charitable organization feeds the hungry and initiates some sustainable development projects to help the poor. Sam has empowered many people by investing in the culinary arts. One of the ways to empower the poor is to offer them some training lessons on how to cook and bake. Sam Boraie is a member of the State Theater of New Jersey. By developing a movie theater, Sam Boraie educates the public on various issues through films, songs, dance, and other recreational activities. Read more about Sam on