Top Rated Sci Fi Anime Series


Sci fi anime series are quite fantastic and the popularity of this type of anime continues to increase.


Stein’s; Gate


Stein’s; Gate revolves around the concept of traveling in time. Stein’s; Gate is suspenseful and thrilling. The emotion and realism in each and every episode makes it a top rated sci fi anime series.


Cowboy Bebop


Cowboy Bebop is a sci fi anime that focuses on the futuristic nation. In this anime several other planets have been colonized and traveling between planets has been successfully achieved. There is plenty of thrilling traveling and escapades in each episode.  One of the most important 90s anime that everybody needs to see.


Parasyte: the maxim


Parasyte: the maxim is about parasites that are trying to take over the human race by eating the brains of humans. However, when a parasite fails to take over a boy’s brain the parasite has no option but to take over the hand of the boy. The boy and the parasite found themselves in the midst of war between the humans and the parasites.




Psycho-Pass has made the list of great sci fi anime series. Psycho-Pass focuses on a righteous and firm structure and the dangers such a system may cause. In this sci fi anime society is controlled by programs on the computer that are able to end crime before it occurs. This anime is very creative. It gives the audience the perspective that maybe a society obtaining perfection is not always ideal.


In conclusion, these sci fi anime series have gained top popularity.