Sawyer Howitt’s Signs of a Successful Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is an athlete and a high school senior who has portrayed lots of interest in business. Sawyer has indicated that he is ready to take over family businesses in future. It is amazing to see how he balances between his school work, business, and running of several philanthropic organizations. The University of Colombia has assured him admission to study Entrepreneurial Finance to equip him for the business world.

Sawyer Howitt is currently sharpening his managerial skills at Meriwether Group which is his father’s company; he is the project manager a position that is so demanding. Meriwether Group offers consultancy to young entrepreneurs and those who want to get new skills to accelerate their businesses. Sawyer has already proved that he is a leader, he has been involved in working with distressed teenagers, and again he has been in leadership in his internships.

Sawyer Howitt also worked at Kure Juice Bar as a customer service, his time at Kure helped me to gain a lot of experience in customer service. RFID Checkout also exposed him more to business world when he worked there as a strategy analyst. Sawyer Howitt is privileged to work with his father, David who has been identified by Portland Business Journal as a leader to follow his steps in 2017.

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Eric Lefkofsky, The real IronMan

Everyone is a motivational speaker, till a family member calls you to say that they have been diagnosed with the C word, in this case, breast cancer. Just a few months ago we had just celebrated her new job in Chicago, only to later get that dreaded call.

I recently stumbled across an article, celebrating the partnership between Tempus – a breast cancer data analytics company – founded by Eric Lefkofsky, and the University of Chicago.

By using machine learning and genomic sequencing, to help doctors make real-time decisions, Tempus’ goal is to use this interpreted data to aid better breast cancer patient outcome.

Intrigued by Tempus and what they stand for, I decided to do a little research on the founder Eric Lefkofsky. I was not surprised to find out he had Jewish roots, with a billion dollar net worth.

With an educational background at the University of Michigan, that spanned six years, crowned with a Juris doctor, his intellectual capacity is definitely not in doubt.

Founder and co-founder of numerous companies, including Groupon, which turned down a six billion dollar offer from Google, Tempus is far from Eric’s first rodeo.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist, as defined by his personal website, it is little surprise that he has donated millions of dollars to cancer research, with his partner, Elizabeth, a major face in the Lefkofsky foundation.

Listening to him speak at lectures, you can feel his sincerity, he is so eloquent and driven. He embodies the building success from failure rhetoric. Eric Lefkofsky is a modern day genius, and hopefully his latest investment goes a long way in providing help to breast cancer patients, and in turn shape humanity and learn more about Eric.

A close friend, diagnosed with breast cancer once told me that if she wasn’t in the United States of America when she got diagnosed, she might not have made it. She is currently in remission and looking to get back to work next week. I believe that people like Eric Lefkofsky are just what make America great, and with a proven track record, Tempus is guaranteed to make a unique difference and

Kim Dao Shares Back To School Life Hacks

Going back to school is a very stressful time. There’s so much to remember and do. Don’t worry, Kim Dao is here with 10 back to school hacks to make your life easier. Clip together hair ties to keep them all together so you don’t loose them. Many people decorate their lockers. Using cute tape allows you to make a cute frame while taping up pictures. Stickers are also a quick but personal decoration. To save time you can speed up the playback on recorded lectures to 1.5 to 2 times normal. Kim Dao only recommends using this one if you can still keep up. A cork board and some sticky notes can make a cute reusable to do list, which will help you get things done on time. In case you didn’t know, Kim Dao reminds you that your phone will charge faster on airplane mode. Use highlighters to color the tops of your notebooks so that you don’t have to pull them out to get the right one. Choose your clothes before bed to save time in the morning so you can sleep in. To do away with junk links that waste your time, when researching articles Kim Dao recommends using Google Scholar. You can use clips on the edge of your desk to slide your cables through to keep them organized. Kim Dao recommends laying your phone out of reach if you tend to hit snooze on alarms so you aren’t late.


Fabletics Achievements in Selling of Trendy Sportswear

Body fitness and aging have recently been a major concern globally. Most people work out in the morning or evening. Fabletics stands out as one of the leading sportswear lines, which sell workout outfits. Individuals have a distinct preference for the type of clothes they want, with color, size, and quality being the main consideration for fashion enthusiast. Kate Hudson, a celebrity actress who explores sales of more than $1.5 billion, is in charge of managing Fabletics. The enterprise comes in to fill the gap, which Don Ressler, Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson saw in the activewear market.


What is reverse showrooming?


Despite having physical stores, Fabletics sell most its products via the online platform. It uses a technique known as the reverse showroom. This method means that any potential customer has a chance to view the outfits available online, and then go to the stores and make the purchase. It is an interesting method of selling products and increasing sales. The company gains a lot of trust from the clients if what they see on the website is the same product they get in the store.


There are superb offers and advantages that customers enjoy when shopping at Fabletics. One can get a trendy apparel at affordable prices. They also have a VIP membership offer whereby members purchase two to three piece outfit at around $100. All shipping services are offered at a zero cost. The VIP member is expected to pay a monthly fee of $49.99. However, she or he can avoid paying the fee by skipping the month within the first five days of the month. Once deal on the VIP subscription is sealed, the client gets a discount of 25 dollars on the first purchase.


In some instances, people are not able to select sports outfits. Since the apparel varies the same way personal preferences do, Fabletics offers a Lifestyle Quiz as a solution. One fills in the style of workout, and his or her preferences based on color, size, and quality. Each month one can get recommendations of new outfits available in the market. It eases the selecting challenge for the customers.


How is Kate Hudson promoting Fabletics’ growth?


Kate Hudson has used social media to grow the venture. Being a celebrity and with so many followers on social media platforms, Kate Hudson has added the list of potential clients to Fabletics. The e-commerce concept is a brilliant idea. Customers from across the globe can purchase outfits, which are later shipped. Hudson believes that with the technology innovation coupled the quality of products they sell, Fabletics is destined for greatness in the fashion e-commerce world.

Doug Levitt the Greyhound Diaries Writer Who is Using Art to Express Different Emotions

Doug Levitt is a man who is taking a different a route to express how he sees the society. Doug Levitt is a singer and a music writer and the man behind the “The Greyhound Diaries.” Doug has traveled across America seen different ways of lives, and he has experienced very many situations affecting people. His rock albums are based on real issues that ordinary American citizens face.

The Greyhound Diaries is a detailed narration of what Doug Levitt saw when he traveled very many miles in many years in Greyhound buses. The experiences that Doug got traveling motivated him to do music albums, web series, photo series, shows and writings. Doug’s records in a catchy way narrate what he saw, the people he saw and what the people were talking about inside the Greyhound buses. The greyhound diaries in an artistic way explain to the audience the various hard situations that Americans go through in the countryside and learn more about Doug.

The things that people go through sometimes are very humbling and Doug has had a chance to talk to so many individuals who are faced with very many difficult situations. Some of the stories that Doug has written in the Greyhound Diaries are not easy to comprehend but getting someone to open up to makes even the most trying experience easier. The many years that Doug Levitt has spent traveling have been very helpful to him, his father took his life, and it was never easy for Doug to come to terms with it. Through the people that Doug met traveling in the Greyhound buses, he has talked about the issue and it has gotten lighter each day and Doug of Twitter.

The Greyhound Diaries music is different from the regular pop music, but listeners get a chance to appreciate the life they are living and understand what other Americans go through every day. Doug Levitt’s main aim in life is to be the voice of Americans who don’t have the courage to tell the world about their plight. Doug Levitt was raised in Washington, D.C by Carol Schwartz who worked for the city council. Doug attended the Cornell University and later the London School of Economics. He holds a Master’s degree in International Relations. He had traveled to so many nations across the world when he was working as a correspondent for CNN, ABC, and MSNBC and read full article.

Does WEN by Chaz Dean work?

Chaz Dean, the creator of hair product “WEN” is an L.A stylist who has always had a passion for hair and makeup. He went to cosmetology school and began working at a salon right after. He was able to work his way up here. He then worked on a product line ( with the salon that became very successful. This was the point where Chaz Dean became inspired. Dean later went on to open up his own salon in Bel Air that would eventually serve many celebrity clientele. He became more and more popular and to this day he has a successful product line many swear by. Is Wen the magic hair product we’ve all been looking for?

Upon searching on YouTube for reviews about WEN hair products, I found a review on that gives a complete, detailed review on it. In the article ( a woman who had thin to fine hair tested the product out and documented the results for seven days. People are very visual; the use of pictures is very useful and more in depth. Along with the pictures, she gave a review of what her hair felt afterward, how it made it lightweight, stronger, how it became shiner and even compliments she received. The reviewer who used Sephora endorsed brand broke down the whole process and it was very helpful and informative. Her overall thoughts about WEN were that it worked very well and it made the hair more healthy and strong. The only issue she faced was her hair feeling weighed down if she skipped a day of shampooing. This review has helped me become more informed about WEN by Chaz Dean.

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