Does WEN by Chaz Dean work?

Chaz Dean, the creator of hair product “WEN” is an L.A stylist who has always had a passion for hair and makeup. He went to cosmetology school and began working at a salon right after. He was able to work his way up here. He then worked on a product line ( with the salon that became very successful. This was the point where Chaz Dean became inspired. Dean later went on to open up his own salon in Bel Air that would eventually serve many celebrity clientele. He became more and more popular and to this day he has a successful product line many swear by. Is Wen the magic hair product we’ve all been looking for?

Upon searching on YouTube for reviews about WEN hair products, I found a review on that gives a complete, detailed review on it. In the article ( a woman who had thin to fine hair tested the product out and documented the results for seven days. People are very visual; the use of pictures is very useful and more in depth. Along with the pictures, she gave a review of what her hair felt afterward, how it made it lightweight, stronger, how it became shiner and even compliments she received. The reviewer who used Sephora endorsed brand broke down the whole process and it was very helpful and informative. Her overall thoughts about WEN were that it worked very well and it made the hair more healthy and strong. The only issue she faced was her hair feeling weighed down if she skipped a day of shampooing. This review has helped me become more informed about WEN by Chaz Dean.

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