Doug Levitt the Greyhound Diaries Writer Who is Using Art to Express Different Emotions

Doug Levitt is a man who is taking a different a route to express how he sees the society. Doug Levitt is a singer and a music writer and the man behind the “The Greyhound Diaries.” Doug has traveled across America seen different ways of lives, and he has experienced very many situations affecting people. His rock albums are based on real issues that ordinary American citizens face.

The Greyhound Diaries is a detailed narration of what Doug Levitt saw when he traveled very many miles in many years in Greyhound buses. The experiences that Doug got traveling motivated him to do music albums, web series, photo series, shows and writings. Doug’s records in a catchy way narrate what he saw, the people he saw and what the people were talking about inside the Greyhound buses. The greyhound diaries in an artistic way explain to the audience the various hard situations that Americans go through in the countryside and learn more about Doug.

The things that people go through sometimes are very humbling and Doug has had a chance to talk to so many individuals who are faced with very many difficult situations. Some of the stories that Doug has written in the Greyhound Diaries are not easy to comprehend but getting someone to open up to makes even the most trying experience easier. The many years that Doug Levitt has spent traveling have been very helpful to him, his father took his life, and it was never easy for Doug to come to terms with it. Through the people that Doug met traveling in the Greyhound buses, he has talked about the issue and it has gotten lighter each day and Doug of Twitter.

The Greyhound Diaries music is different from the regular pop music, but listeners get a chance to appreciate the life they are living and understand what other Americans go through every day. Doug Levitt’s main aim in life is to be the voice of Americans who don’t have the courage to tell the world about their plight. Doug Levitt was raised in Washington, D.C by Carol Schwartz who worked for the city council. Doug attended the Cornell University and later the London School of Economics. He holds a Master’s degree in International Relations. He had traveled to so many nations across the world when he was working as a correspondent for CNN, ABC, and MSNBC and read full article.