Orange Coast College Opens New Recycling Facility

Orange Coast College (OCC) welcomed the public to view its newest addition, an expansive recycling facility, on September 14th. The old recycling facility dwarfs the new center. The original facility was a mere one acre in size while the new center measures approximately five acres. Learn more:


Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley called the impressive facility an “economic driver” for the community. The center has employed thousands of students throughout its history. The original recycling center only had eight parking spaces while the new service boasts an impressive 45 parking spots. Added features include classrooms, men and women’s shower rooms, a first-aid station, and some offices. The administration building was built using eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient features such as solar panels.


The construction of OCC was launched in the 1950s. Its mission was to provide low-cost education and training opportunities to those who wanted to study skilled trades and learn licensed professions. The college’s program courses are catered to those who wish to transfer to the University of California or California State University to complete their graduate studies. OCC is ranked within the top 100 of 5,000 plus community colleges in awarding undergraduate degrees. Learn more:¬†


OCC enrolls an average of 24,000 students each year and is known for its affordability. Students who reside within the state of California can expect to pay less than $50 per unit while students who reside outside of California can expect to pay $150 per unit of instruction.


The construction of the recycling center is part of a developmental blueprint, Vision 2020. The construction and renovation blueprint has already led to the construction of a new student services center. Future development plans include the construction of a new planetarium and student housing  facilities.