Reversal in the Clothing Game

How do you get a business to thrive in a market that is controlled by one of the largest tech companies in the world? Well, you do the exact opposite of what everyone has tried. That’s the thinking behind Kate Hudson and her brand of athletic wear, “Fabletics,” is doing in the clothing market. Amazon controls roughly 20% of the fashion e-commerce market currently, but it was the reversal of thinking that has allowed Fabletics to grow in their three years of existence.

Fabletics, and its founder Kate Hudson are using what people in the industry call “reverse showrooming.” Instead of customers coming into the store to browse clothing items and then going online to find them cheaper, Fabletics encourages their customers to buy the product wherever they see fit. Because of this reversal of thought, when a customer walks into the stores, there’s a 30-35% chance the customer is already a member with another quarter of the customers becoming members while shopping in the stores. When someone tries on an outfit or article of clothing in-store, the item is also placed in their online shopping order for purchase if they wish to do it electronically.

With more stores expected to open up in the coming months, and 16 locations in places across the nation, Fabletics can and will continue to grow thanks to innovative thinking. The initial beginnings of the company came from the duo Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, who are the founders of the TechStyle Fashion Group. They wanted to create an athleisure brand, but needed a partner who could make the sell easy. This is where Kate Hudson comes in. Since the beginning, Hudson has been all hands on deck according to Ressler and Goldenberg; looking over budgets, picking a social media strategy, or even fixing the customer service department when it was having issues in the early stages of the company. In the three years since its inception, the company has had a $250 million profit.

If you’re in the market for an athleisure brand of clothing, Fabletics may be the brand you need. Great styling and prices have seen the company grow exponentially and if you need more proof, look up the numerous celebrity approvals from over the years. If you want to try it out, take the Lifestyle Quiz online to see which Fabletics gear is the best for you.

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