Bumble CEO Celebrates Love With Wedding On The Amalfi Coast

How do you imagine your wedding day? Businesswoman and entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe brought her wedding dreams to life in a recent Amalfi coast ceremony. And, if you’re wondering, no the couple did not meet online. The queen on online dating and her new husband actually met in person while vacationing in Aspen. Whitney Wolfe was enjoying the slopes, while Michael was struggling to get the hang of things. Smitten by the beautiful, ambitious young woman, he asked her for a little assistance.

Two years after they stumbled into each other on the slopes, Michael whisked Whitney off to his Texas ranch and asked for her hand in marriage. After an intimate horseback ride, he asked the woman he had fallen in love with to be his wife. Ecstatic, Whitney instantly said yes, and after sharing an emotional moment together, the duo packed up and headed to Italy for a celebratory visit. While in Italy, they sailed the Amalfi coast and fell in love with the beautiful dreamlike scenery. After deciding on a location for the ceremony, the couple began looking for help to plan their big day.

Cynthia Cook of Cynthia Cook Brides took care of all of the bride’s stylish looks, while Diana Sorensen od Sugokuii Events handled the planning and venue selection. Switching things up a bit, the couple opted to be surprised by the venue selection on their big day, giving Sorensen major shoes to fill.

When the big day finally arrived, the bride and groom were met with quite a muggy forecast. It was expected to rain nearly all day, which of course wouldn’t work well with the outdoor ceremony they had planned. To keep their spirits up, they gathered their wedding party into one room and shared champagne while they waited out the rain. When one of their friends informed them that the rain would soon begin to clear, they quickly began pulling the ceremony together. With the help of their wedding party and a lot of determination, the bride and groom met at the altar shortly after 7:30 p.m.

A native of Salt Lake City, Utah, Whitney Wolfe is the mastermind behind the new dating app Bumble. She got her first taste of entrepreneurship at the age of 19 selling bamboo bags and donating the proceeds to areas affected by the BP oil spill. Aside from her achievements in the business industry, Wolfe is known for her compassion and has worked with several non-profit organizations to help improve the lives of others.

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