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Daniel Taub, although born in the United Kingdom, he moved to Isreal and began serving in the Israeli Foreign Ministry in 1991. This was the beginning of a long and fruitful political career, where he held positions such as Principal Deputy Legal Adviser of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, legal adviser to Isreal during several missions, and peace negotiator during Isreal and Palestinian affairs.


Along with a stunning diplomatic career, Daniel Taub has also been active in regards to breaking down the stereotypes that exist within the Israeli society. He has done this by creating a TV drama series entitled “HeChatzer.” Taub has described the show as “a cross between Downtown Abbey and the Chosen.”


Daniel Taub served as Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Court of St. James from 2011 to 2015, and with his departure there are a few things that he will likely be well-known for in many years to come. The one that shows just how incredible of an ambassador he was is the fact that the relationship between the United Kingdom and Isreal is now stronger than ever. This much-needed accomplishment is thanks in part to Taub’s perseverance in opening up lines of communication that were previously thought to be closed.


Daniel Taub has accomplished a number of other tasks during his four years in office. These tasks include an additional 300 Israeli businesses opening in the United Kingdom and the annual trade increasing to well over 5 million dollars.


In 2011 when Daniel Taub met the queen of England and was given his new ambassador title, he stated “I felt tremendously privileged that it fell to me to raise my children in their historic homeland after two millennia of exile, but I am also aware that in that arc of 2,000 years the greatest period of opportunity for my family was found here in Britain, and I hope to express my appreciation for that by deepening ties of cooperation between our countries.” He set his standards higher than most and his list of goals to achieve while in office was long; however that never deterred him from accomplishing everything he set out to do. Daniel Taub has certainly made an impact on this country, and it is one that will not soon be forgotten. Learn more: http://about.me/dtaub




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