Securus Technologies Expands Its Reach Within The Industry

Securus Technologies has established itself in a very complicated and detailed industry. The company specializes in various forms of services related to public safety, modern communication, investigation and inmate abilities. Their skills and resources help incarceration facilities, law enforcement and public safety organizations conduct business throughout the United States. They have emergency technical equipment along with inmates self help services.


Securus specializes in several different aspects of prison technologies. The company has been operating since 1986, with offices in Atlanta Georgia and Texas. One thousand employees are in place to manage the 2600 contracts that Securus Technologies has around the nation. Securus is thoroughly grounded within the industry. It invested up to six hundred million dollars in patents and acquisitions within three years of business. This move insures that Securus Technologies remains at the forefront of its industry for sometime to come. Offender Management was acquired in 2007 by Securus. Before the acquisition Offender Management was recognized as the leader in prison technologies.


Securus Technologies was directly involved in the project that helped control cell phone contraband. The system was recognized and approved by 5 Department of Corrections facilities. They went on support partner with Harris Corporation on Cell Defender Technology in order to prevent inmate cell phones from connecting to outside mobile networks.


Securus Technologies was excited to acquire JPay Incorporated. JPay had created its own niche within the prison technologies industry. It provided email, electronic payments and entertainment systems for correctional facilities in 33 States nationwide. JPay is expected to operate as an individual subsidiary for Securus Technologies. It already has an operational network that will provide Securus with an infinite amount of marketing ideas to attract new clients. JPay in turn will benefit from the tremendous resources that Securus Technologies provides as a major power in the industry.

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