Why The Frontera Fund Stands Today

The Frontera Fund stands today because of the ongoing abuse that migrants are facing as they enter and adjust to an American society. This society is one founded on the principles of free speech, the pursuit of liberty and a sense of equality. Unfortunately, the Frontera Funds stands today because those concepts of society are failing. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://james-larkin.com/ and http://james-larkin.com/press/

The people who have been absent of the basic rights of the American society are immigrants. This is why the Frontera Fund works and manages the future of U.S. policy.

The abuse on immigrants is also rising as the media broadcasts constant rhetoric about the dangers that an immigrant population imposes. The issues are only growing larger in society.

The Need Of A Voice And An Advocate

The false representation of the immigrant community is leading the issues of America. These false testimonies lead the world in the wrong direction. Here, we find the urgent need of a strong voice and advocate for those being abused in this process. The push for discussion is also important, but the only agency doing so is the Frontera Fund.

It’s important to note that both Mike and Jim are American. These journalists live in Arizona and therefore best understand the challenges that the immigrant community is facing.

These men pursue greater equality though they are not of Latin origin. The situation can make you wonder. Just how bad has the abuse, by officers like Joe Arpaio, been?

A Better Look At Michael Lacey And Jim Larkin

As professionals, Michael and Jim work to give the United States and its people a clearer view of the world they live. The voice these two writers create is one that brings witness to corruption and the most important issues to the American people. The process of liberty requires that men like these act as mediators to the public.

You know the phrase, “Freedom isn’t free.”

We use this to convey how the Frontera Fund came to be. The agency started the day that Mike and Jim were awarded over $3 million in compensation and after they were arrested by Joe Arpaio in what courts revealed to be an illegal process. The money they were awarded went directly to ensuring that society would not have to face dilemmas like this again.

What we also see is a living testimony to the standards these men have set.

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