Bumble CEO Celebrates Love With Wedding On The Amalfi Coast

How do you imagine your wedding day? Businesswoman and entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe brought her wedding dreams to life in a recent Amalfi coast ceremony. And, if you’re wondering, no the couple did not meet online. The queen on online dating and her new husband actually met in person while vacationing in Aspen. Whitney Wolfe was enjoying the slopes, while Michael was struggling to get the hang of things. Smitten by the beautiful, ambitious young woman, he asked her for a little assistance.

Two years after they stumbled into each other on the slopes, Michael whisked Whitney off to his Texas ranch and asked for her hand in marriage. After an intimate horseback ride, he asked the woman he had fallen in love with to be his wife. Ecstatic, Whitney instantly said yes, and after sharing an emotional moment together, the duo packed up and headed to Italy for a celebratory visit. While in Italy, they sailed the Amalfi coast and fell in love with the beautiful dreamlike scenery. After deciding on a location for the ceremony, the couple began looking for help to plan their big day.

Cynthia Cook of Cynthia Cook Brides took care of all of the bride’s stylish looks, while Diana Sorensen od Sugokuii Events handled the planning and venue selection. Switching things up a bit, the couple opted to be surprised by the venue selection on their big day, giving Sorensen major shoes to fill.

When the big day finally arrived, the bride and groom were met with quite a muggy forecast. It was expected to rain nearly all day, which of course wouldn’t work well with the outdoor ceremony they had planned. To keep their spirits up, they gathered their wedding party into one room and shared champagne while they waited out the rain. When one of their friends informed them that the rain would soon begin to clear, they quickly began pulling the ceremony together. With the help of their wedding party and a lot of determination, the bride and groom met at the altar shortly after 7:30 p.m.

A native of Salt Lake City, Utah, Whitney Wolfe is the mastermind behind the new dating app Bumble. She got her first taste of entrepreneurship at the age of 19 selling bamboo bags and donating the proceeds to areas affected by the BP oil spill. Aside from her achievements in the business industry, Wolfe is known for her compassion and has worked with several non-profit organizations to help improve the lives of others.

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Tony Petrello: a Tale of Bravery, Generosity and Miracles

The CEO of Nabors LTD, Tony Petrello, has a big brain and a big heart. His career at Nabors and his vast success is just the threshold of what makes him who he is. His daughter, Carena, was born with periventricular Leukomalacia, a common neurological disease in premature infants caused by lack of oxygen to the brain. Normal activities are hard, but not impossible, to accomplish and more information click here.

The disease forced a fighting spirit inside this brave little girl who refuses to let her health problems get the best of her. Every little milestone that would be considered the norm for every one else is an uphill battle. Things like walking, chewing food, and even learning to speak and learn more about Tony.

Carena is 8 years old and is already one of the bravest human beings one could ever hope to come into contact with. As a result of her disease, she developed cerebral palsy, or impaired movement. The Petrellos are dedicated to finding answers for their little miracle and other children like her. They have searched the globe looking for something, anything that might help. They’ve found several studies in hospitals and other organizations that seemed promising, but nothing so much so as what they found in their own back yard and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

Texas Children’s Hospital seemed to be the answer to their prayers. Now, Tony is on the board of trustees and donates generously to the hospital and others like them, attributing his generosity to his daughter’s bravery, determination, and purity of heart.

Tony Petrello personally donated $5 million and promised $7 million and that he would lead donations to ensure a first of its kind research initiative would be brought to life. His generous heart, and mind for business go hand in hand. This CEO is dedicated to seeing his daughter and others like her live full, happy lives without the restrictions of this disease. He and his wife, Cynthia, are hopeful for the future, and are dedicated to seeing this cause through to its success and his Twitter.

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Sawyer Howitt’s Signs of a Successful Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is an athlete and a high school senior who has portrayed lots of interest in business. Sawyer has indicated that he is ready to take over family businesses in future. It is amazing to see how he balances between his school work, business, and running of several philanthropic organizations. The University of Colombia has assured him admission to study Entrepreneurial Finance to equip him for the business world.

Sawyer Howitt is currently sharpening his managerial skills at Meriwether Group which is his father’s company; he is the project manager a position that is so demanding. Meriwether Group offers consultancy to young entrepreneurs and those who want to get new skills to accelerate their businesses. Sawyer has already proved that he is a leader, he has been involved in working with distressed teenagers, and again he has been in leadership in his internships.

Sawyer Howitt also worked at Kure Juice Bar as a customer service, his time at Kure helped me to gain a lot of experience in customer service. RFID Checkout also exposed him more to business world when he worked there as a strategy analyst. Sawyer Howitt is privileged to work with his father, David who has been identified by Portland Business Journal as a leader to follow his steps in 2017.

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Eric Lefkofsky, The real IronMan

Everyone is a motivational speaker, till a family member calls you to say that they have been diagnosed with the C word, in this case, breast cancer. Just a few months ago we had just celebrated her new job in Chicago, only to later get that dreaded call.

I recently stumbled across an article, celebrating the partnership between Tempus – a breast cancer data analytics company – founded by Eric Lefkofsky, and the University of Chicago.

By using machine learning and genomic sequencing, to help doctors make real-time decisions, Tempus’ goal is to use this interpreted data to aid better breast cancer patient outcome.

Intrigued by Tempus and what they stand for, I decided to do a little research on the founder Eric Lefkofsky. I was not surprised to find out he had Jewish roots, with a billion dollar net worth.

With an educational background at the University of Michigan, that spanned six years, crowned with a Juris doctor, his intellectual capacity is definitely not in doubt.

Founder and co-founder of numerous companies, including Groupon, which turned down a six billion dollar offer from Google, Tempus is far from Eric’s first rodeo.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist, as defined by his personal website, it is little surprise that he has donated millions of dollars to cancer research, with his partner, Elizabeth, a major face in the Lefkofsky foundation.

Listening to him speak at lectures, you can feel his sincerity, he is so eloquent and driven. He embodies the building success from failure rhetoric. Eric Lefkofsky is a modern day genius, and hopefully his latest investment goes a long way in providing help to breast cancer patients, and in turn shape humanity and learn more about Eric.

A close friend, diagnosed with breast cancer once told me that if she wasn’t in the United States of America when she got diagnosed, she might not have made it. She is currently in remission and looking to get back to work next week. I believe that people like Eric Lefkofsky are just what make America great, and with a proven track record, Tempus is guaranteed to make a unique difference and www.forbes.com/profile/eric-lefkofsky.

United Arab Emirates Real-Estate Titan, Hussein Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the Chairman of DAMAC Properties. He is a United Arab Emirates-based entrepreneur and has majored on the real estate development. Hussain Sajwani is also known for his philanthropic activities.

He has a successful track record in the global equity markets. After graduation, he began his career at GASCO as a contracts manager. Through this organization, he acquired the necessary skill and started his business in 1982. He started a catering Venture that has grown to serve over 150,000 meals daily. Today, the catering venture provides services to army camps and institutions among many others.

In the year 2002, Hussain Sajwani Family took advantage of a new law that allowed foreigners to own property in the Emirates to purchase land. At that particular time, the land was in an undeveloped part of town. However, he was able to sell all units in a 38- story building before he began construction. Read more: Meet Our board | DAMAC

The purchase and construction of the building marked the inception of DAMAC Properties. At the beginning of 2013, DAMAC teamed up with Donald Trump and developed two Trump- branded golf courses. The development of these two facilities brought an income estimated to be over $ 2 billion.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election as the president of the United States of America, Hussain Sajwani said that he sought to enhance DAMACs business ties with Donald Trump’s real estate firm. The two titans spent the New Year’s Eve together.

However, the President promised not to make any new business deals while in office. The statement was as a result of rising concerns about the potential conflict of interest.

According to Hussain Sajwani, the relationship between him and the president went beyond the business affiliations. The three children share a deep friendship. As a result, maintaining and growing their personal and trade relations is expected.

His Wife and Ivanka, the first lady, are excellent friends. Sajwani says that the trumps have been at his home and that they have also traveled to the States. Besides his entrepreneurial inclination, he has participated in philanthropic activities. Learn more about DAMAC owner: http://www.celebfamily.com/entrepreneur/hussain-sajwani-family.html

Just a while back, together with DAMAC Properties, he donated 2 million AED with the aim of clothing one million children.