George Soros Turns into Progressive Star in Era of Trump

There are few social advocates out there that have done as much as George Soros or has been as effective as George Soros. Soros is, of course, a self made billionaire and the owner of the Soros Hedge Fund. He has become one of the most vocal and active philanthropists in the world and he has put his money where his mouth is with his philanthropic extension, the Open Society Foundations. This is a closer inspection of the man we know today to be one of the foremost leaders of the progressive party and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros knew from early on that he wanted to chase the American dream — only he didn’t call it the American dream at the time. Soros was a child when Nazi’s came to his home country and he was a teenager when he fled their murderous clutches. Once you go through something like that it tends to change your perspective in a big way. Soros and his family fled Hungary, emigrated to London, and focused on recouping there in the mid ’40s. Soros would take this breathing opportunity in order to pursue higher education at the London School of Economics — working as both a waiter and a railway porter simply to earn enough to go to school and what George Soros knows.

Soros would graduate from school and decide to pursue the American dream by sailing to New York City and starting his own investment firm. Soros would find huge success early on and he’d eventually find his way to risky investments that would end up paying him off in billions. Nowadays Soros is one of the wealthiest men on the planet and he is focused on giving as much back as he can to people and places the could use the aid and learn more information click here.

Simply being a billionaire wouldn’t make you a political figure but it definitely put him under the microscope of America’s right wing of politics. Soros would become impassioned to help out those who were oppressed in different places throughout the world and learn more about George Soris. He began his philanthropy in earnest in the late ’70s. Soros and the OSF worked with The Eastern Bloc in order to help them photocopy banned texts under the oppressive regime. Soros would go on to establish the Central European University after the Berlin Wall fell in order to promulgate free thinking and an openness to ideas and expression that had been foreign to the area and Follow his Twitter.

In the United States George Soros would come under fire by conservatives around the nation due to his belief in a more open world. Soros has spent his newfound political spotlight defending progressive values and supporting progressive politicians in their campaigning against the wealthier and better connected conservative political opponents.

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Senator Whitehorse and ECU Look Good for 2018

“The early bird gets the worm” and “The worm has turned” are two expressions that certainly apply to the 2018 election, where endorsements and campaign announcements follow through. The “early bird” applies to the PAC (Political Action Committee) End Citizens United (ECU) and its endorsement of Senator Sheldon Whitehorse (D) RI.


“The worm” fits Whitehorse’s opposition to the Citizens United decision handed down by the Supreme Court. The decision expands the monetary contributions that corporations are allowed make to candidate’s campaigns. The expression fits, because traditionally the Democratic Party is known for political and social change, while republicans are notorious for their nearly compulsive voting records and political interactions.


This endorsement, similar to all others made by End Citizens United, is strategically and politically designed to yield critical results in overturning the 2010 decision. In Whitehorse’s case, its potential to make political waves is twofold. First off, it is a smart move because incumbents usually retain their positions when campaigning. So, backing the Rhode Island senator is something like putting extra wind in his sails. Secondly, it just makes since as the senator has a long history of championing transparency in political donations.


Whitehorse is even on record for pointing to Justice Neil Gorsuch as a benefactor of questionable funding, in regards to his (Gorsuch) nomination. As a counteraction to this calling out of Gorsuch, one-time member of the Republican Party John Loughlin says that Whitehorse himself turns a blind eye to funding with less than spotless sources for democratic candidates. But, sometimes the only thing that gets rid of an illness in a body is exposure to it, metaphorically speaking.


In the meantime, Senator Whitehorse has to plan a message and political agenda for his constituency and the ever elusive non-voters, in upcoming elections. In the 2018 election cycle, he is to have competition from two possible opponents. For sure, Coventry state Representative Robert Nardolillo plans to throw his hat in the ring. And, to raise the stakes and shake things up a bit, one-time state Supreme Court Justice Roberts Flanders is on the fence as to whether he plans to run or not.


Regardless of what Republican Party members is the state of Rhode Island intend to do, the mission of End Citizens United remains the same. It is actually in the name of the PAC. And, just like the best way to make sure a virus does no future harm to a body is to expose an organism to it, ECU continues to use “big money” in the political arena to drive “dark money” out.


What is the difference? In ECU’s and the Democratic Party’s case, the large amounts of money they use to fight political battles actually comes from hundreds of thousands of donors giving smaller increments to enact change. It resembles something like a voting constituency, as opposed to large corporate backing that tends to support republican candidates.