Top Rated Sci Fi Anime Series


Sci fi anime series are quite fantastic and the popularity of this type of anime continues to increase.


Stein’s; Gate


Stein’s; Gate revolves around the concept of traveling in time. Stein’s; Gate is suspenseful and thrilling. The emotion and realism in each and every episode makes it a top rated sci fi anime series.


Cowboy Bebop


Cowboy Bebop is a sci fi anime that focuses on the futuristic nation. In this anime several other planets have been colonized and traveling between planets has been successfully achieved. There is plenty of thrilling traveling and escapades in each episode.  One of the most important 90s anime that everybody needs to see.


Parasyte: the maxim


Parasyte: the maxim is about parasites that are trying to take over the human race by eating the brains of humans. However, when a parasite fails to take over a boy’s brain the parasite has no option but to take over the hand of the boy. The boy and the parasite found themselves in the midst of war between the humans and the parasites.




Psycho-Pass has made the list of great sci fi anime series. Psycho-Pass focuses on a righteous and firm structure and the dangers such a system may cause. In this sci fi anime society is controlled by programs on the computer that are able to end crime before it occurs. This anime is very creative. It gives the audience the perspective that maybe a society obtaining perfection is not always ideal.


In conclusion, these sci fi anime series have gained top popularity.

UKV PLC – Offering A Wide Range Of Wines For Its Local And International Clientele

UKV PLC is one of the most well-known wine companies in Europe and Great Britain and is in the business for many years. The company has vast vineyards from it sources the best of fresh grapes and has a highly advanced wine making facility that processes the wine to ensure high quality, always.

Wine lovers can visit the online portal of UKV PLC to check out the vast collection of investment grade wine that the firm has in its inventory. The prices of the wine kept by UKV PLC are reasonable and lower than many other wine companies while ensuring there are absolutely no compromises on the quality.

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The wine firm is highly active on the social network and interacts with its vast clientele through the medium. It also uses social media as a platform to update its customers about the new wines they add to their inventory from time to time. There are also many offers that UKV PLC launches frequently and it informs the customers through the different social media network it is active on. With so many wines to choose from, starting from Bordeaux to Burgundy and from Champagnes to Spanish and Italian, you are sure to find what you are looking for at UKV PLC.

Thor Halvorssen Champions the Weak and Powerless

The world remembers Thor Halvorssen for his active participation in defending human rights and supporting the justice system in a bid to promote peace and unity. Thor, a native of Venezuela, schooled at the great University of Pennsylvania. He graduated with class and honors, having majored in Political Science. Thor’s quest for political justice and human rights activism cropped from his father’s imprisonment and mother’s shooting. To get justice for them, he capitalized on participating in facilitating human rights for the people of Venezuela.


Thor Halvorssen’s passion for defending human rights is evident when in 1999; he was the cheerleader of a campaign dubbed Lucent Technologies. The campaign’s initiative was to curb anti-slavery. The meeting’s agenda was to prove that the production of Lucent’s brands was not dependent on slave labor. Statistics showed that China imprisoned approximately 8 million men and women for work in factories, industries, and other facilities. Thor represented the slaves by campaigning for the introduction and implementation of a labor policy and read full article.

Human Rights Foundation
Following his enthusiasm for justice, Thor founded Human Rights Foundation with its headquarter in the city of New York. The foundation focused on championing the real definition of justice for the people. It centered on the concept of justice, freedom, and self determination. It was incorporated in 2005. Human Rights Foundation was headed by a council of human rights activists like Mart Laar and Elle Wiesel. As the cheerleader of Human Rights Foundation, Thor consistently lobbied for the freeing of Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese political prisoner. He supported the United Nations initiative to take in hand the frustrations of Chinese regarding Uyghur rights.

Film Production

Thor’s work extended to film production. He produced a science fiction film on Robert A. Heinlein. Additionally, he was the co-producer of Freedom’s Furry, a movie that illuminated the life of human rights activists. The film castigated dictatorship in Hungary. He used his film talent in film production to explain the importance of .

About Thor
Born in Venezuela in 1976, Thor Halvorssen bridged the gap between justice and humanity. He was a human rights advocate who committed to fighting for freedom. He contributed to the growth of public policy, individual rights and public interest policy. He championed the weak and powerless and learn more about Thor.

The Making of Eric Pulier, A Natural Technologist and Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is an American technologist, entrepreneur, public speaker, author and a generous philanthropist. He has built his names in the entrepreneurial sector having pioneered over 20 companies. Eric Pulier has unmatched abilities to turn ideas into multi-million startups. Currently, he is the co-founder and CEO of Service Mesh, Inc. He is richly experienced in management and has held different positions in several organizations including Computer Sciences Corporation and CSC Australia Pty, Santa Monica Media Corporation, SOA Software and Interactive Video Technology, just to mention a few.

Early Life
The New Jersey-born technology genius grew up with a passion for computers. In fact, in fourth grade, he began programming computers, and by the time he graduated from high school, he had founded a database computer firm. He joined Harvard University where he graduated with a B.A in English and American literature. While in college, he also studied environmental studies and computer science. He began publishing books, articles and journals while still at Harvard University.

Career Life

After graduating from college, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career dreams. He founded People Doing Things, a firm that addressed issues in the health sector, education, and technology. XPrize marked a significant milestone for the naturally talented technologist. XPrize is known for the role it played in helping devoted youth achieve their dreams.

Pulier was also the force behind the creation of Starbright World, a social network that offers chronically ill children with a platform where they blog, chat, meet and share their experiences. 1997 marked another striking landmark of his career. He was selected run The Bridge to the 21st Century, a presidential technology exhibition held in Washington D.C.

Philanthropic activities

In his life, Pulier has reached various economically disadvantaged groups and physically challenged people. He is renowned for his unique way of giving, which involves the use of technology to find solutions to some of the most obdurate problems in the poor communities across the world. He has funded several organizations such as Painted Turtle, which helps chronically ill children. While serving at the Clinton Global Initiative, he pioneered the development of affordable cloud computing resources to the underprivileged communities. Pulier also founded educational programs, which has helped individuals living with multiple sclerosis about the many facades of the disease and Eric on Facebook.

Sam Boraie’s Role in Charity and Real Estate Development

Sam Boraie is a real estate developer and philanthropist and who handles several projects in New Jersey, New Brunswick, Atlantic City, and other regions in the United States. As the director of Boraie Development LLC, he focuses on initiating new real estate development projects. While this company was founded by Omar, his father, Boraie has taken it to new heights. Having come to the United States as a student, Sam has found his niche in real estate by having the audacity of going where others would normally hesitate. When New Brunswick was in a state of degeneration and disrepair, other developers moved elsewhere. The lack of construction and development exacerbated the problem since the vacant lots turned into dungeons and breeding areas for drugs and crime.

The Aspire in New Brunswick

The Aspire is a 238-unit condominium near the New Brunswick train station. In a report by PR News, Boraie Development LLC also completed the One Spring Street projects include The Aspire, a 238-unit high-rise near the New Brunswick Train Station and One Spring Street, a 25-story mixed-use apartment that has over 400,000 square feet. One Spring Street has several roof decks, a health club, and a couple of housing units for sale. Boraie Development LLC prefers building the mixed-use apartments for the following reasons:

  • Spurring growth and development
  • Revitalizing the derelict parts of the city
  • Preventing urban degeneration and sprawl
  • Increasing the revenue
  • Opening up the new suburbs
  • Improving the infrastructure and creation of pedestrian-friendly walkways
  • Improving the security by opening up the vacated lots
  • Providing a couple of affordable housing options
  • Providing investment opportunities
  • Providing recreational facilities for the community
  • Creating a sense of place and giving the city an identity

Boraie Development LLC projects

In the quest to revitalize various cities that are facing the threat of sprawl and degeneration, Boraie Development LLC is carrying out the following projects:

  • The South Beach in Atlantic City has 250 units that offer plenty of space and diversity to suit the various needs of different homeowners.
  • The Albany plaza at Newark, a prime project juxtaposed in the downtown area where it offers over 250,000 square feet of office and retail space.
  • Boraie Development LLC has also begun the construction of The Rector, a 26-story residential block in Newark.
  • The Estates project at Waverly Place is underway in Montgomery, New Jersey. This residential condominium is about a 30-minute drive from downtown New Brunswick, This high-end residential project will result in seven luxury homes.

 Philanthropic activities

Boraie is also involved in a couple of charitable activities with Elijah’s Promise. This New Brunswick charitable organization feeds the hungry and initiates some sustainable development projects to help the poor. Sam has empowered many people by investing in the culinary arts. One of the ways to empower the poor is to offer them some training lessons on how to cook and bake. Sam Boraie is a member of the State Theater of New Jersey. By developing a movie theater, Sam Boraie educates the public on various issues through films, songs, dance, and other recreational activities. Read more about Sam on

Best Of Times For Securus Technologies

When people are looking into the public safety for the leader, they will ultimately know that Securus Technologies is. When this company is called upon to complete work in the industry, they do a fantastic job. They have just launched the Video Visitations for their customers that require, and they love it.


The Video Visitations help the correction facilities keep control in a much better way. The inmates are permitted to correspond with their loved ones regularly via video, and they are calmer and happier. The company’s customers are raving about how well the technology is working for them, and keeping everyone involved safer.


Securus Technologies is the leader in the public safety field, and they are dedicated to making the world a safer place for all. They are creating new technologies every week so that the public safety field can be better for it, and they are experts in the civil and criminal sides of the justice system. They are adept and solving and preventing crimes, and the government uses them on a regular basis. They are known all over the world for the work that they can do, and their staff is dedicated and professional. In future, the people are surely going to hear much more about Securus Technologies.

J Lo & Nicki Minaj: Two of the Hottest in the Game


Jennifer Lopez, aka J-Lo or Jenny from the block with the famous J Lo ass, is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, and actress as well as the mother of two beautiful children with ex-husband Marc Anthony. Lopez also hosted American Idol alongside founder Simon Cowell. Known for her bodacious backside, curves, and beautiful voice, Lopez was once linked to Bad Boy CEO Sean ‘Puff Daddy’ Combs until the pair separated after Combs’ was investigated for his involvement in a murder plot.



Nicki Minaj is another well-known female rap fashion icon and artist who has topped the charts with singles like Beez in the Trap and worked with some of the hottest names in the industry. Nicki, a New York native, is known for her fast-flowing rap and, like J Lo, her curvaceous backside. Whether working in the studio with the likes of fellow Young Money artists Lil Wayne or Drake or on the arm of beaus like Meek Mill, Minaj knows how to keep her name in the spotlight. Meek Mill and Minaj have been an item ever since.  Of course men everywhere are jealous, because of that famous Nicki Minaj butt.



Mill was signed to Grand Hustle Records with T.I. in 2008, but later left the company and signed with Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group. His first album was released in 2011 under the label.

How To Manage A Successful Online Reputation Management Campaign

If you are convinced the online reputation of your business stops at review sites like Google Business, then you need to rethink your plan because there is more to online marketing that relying on one source. Many sites offer information about businesses and the information posted either reflects success or some problems that many customers would want to keep away from.

If your business is associated with any scandals, you are for sure going to lose customers and the products you offer will lose sales with time if the problem will not be resolved. This is the reason you need to engage online reputation management and while at it do the right things.

Find mentions through monitoring tools

Getting to know how many people are talking about your business online manually is not easy and could take many days before you get a tiny bit of information. To make the process easy, there are search tools that alert you whenever mentions about your business are made online. You can specify the keywords you want to be used while searching for the mentions. Some of the tools you can use to track mentions include, Reputology, Brand Yourself and Trackur.

Avoid arguments online

The global hot-button issues make it easy for one to view something that does not match with their views and values. How you respond to issues determines the way customers will view your business and generally it is this feedback that the next customer will use to decide whether to buy or not. Always keep your conversations neutral and measured to avoid offending people or entering into issues that may water down the reputation of your brand.

Take your time; don’t rush

While the temptation to do things quickly so you can reap benefits could mount to a huge problem, it is advisable to take measured steps so you can understand the online market well before investing more time and money into marketing. Get the facts about the areas you need to work on to keep your brand on track and capitalize on the ideas that seem to work to build your business into a successful and competitive venture.


Cotemar And The Silent Oil Revolution Of Mexico

For many years in Mexico, after the country had nationalized all oil assets, government-owned Pemex has been the main oil producing company. This has recently been changing as the Mexican government has started to allow private companies to explore for and extract oil. One of these company is the Cotemar, which is based in Ciudad Del Carmen Campeche. If Cotemar and the other private companies are able to step up it will provide a large boost to Mexico’s oil production. There are a number of challenges facing these private companies. Among them is that there are conflicting land permits that need to be resolved, as well as infrastructure problems and regulatory issues that still need to be sorted out.

Cotemar appears to be ready to succeed at the task ahead. The company, founded in 1979, has been a long-term player in Mexico’s oil and gas field. The company operates a large fleet of specialized vessels and has to date had three main focuses; providing food, lodging, and services to the crew of offshore oil rigs and processing facilities, the transporting of materials, and the construction, modernization, and maintenance of oil rigs. With the new contracts in hand with the Mexican government, they will be adding oil exploration and extraction to their business activities.

At Cotemar they hold to four integral values in everything they do. The first value is integrity; the company operates in an honest, ethical, and consistent fashion towards their employees, suppliers, clients, and broader society. They are also reliable and hold themselves accountable to satisfy the needs of their customers and people while achieving the targetted business results. The company’s third value is humility where they acknowledge that there is always a need for improvement and doing it with a positive attitude. Their fourth value is innovation where they constantly strive to bring greater value to their customers through technological improvements and new ways of thinking.

In addition to a commitment to always comply with regulations involving safety and health the company is also committed to environmental protection and actively seeks to reduce the harm caused by their business activities. Cotemar also encourages its employees to be actively involved in environmental protection as well as helping social causes in their communities.

Learn more: